2nd Periodic Test Computer 3

Welcome to your 2nd Periodic Test Computer 3


1. This is used to control the mouse pointer on your computer.

2. These are the visible parts of the computer.

3. These are the tools or parts of a computer used to enter data in the computer.

4. This is used to control the characters when you are playing.

5. This is used to type letters and numbers.

6. This is an input device that reads or copies text or pictures then sends it to the computer to be used in another form.

7. This allows you to see, hear, and touch the result of what you did in the computer.

8. This is an output device that produces a paper copy of information.

9. This allows you to hear the sounds coming from the computer.

10. This is an output device that is used to display images generated by the computer.

11. This is an optical disc used to store digital data.

12. These devices are used for recording, keeping, or storing information.

13. This is a removable and rewritable storage device that is smaller than a floppy disc.

14. This is a non-volatile data storage system that stores data on a magnetic surface layered into hard disk platters.

15. This is the central or primary circuit board that makes up a computer.

16. This is the metal and plastic enclosure of a computer where all computer activities are processed and stored.

17. This supplies power to the other parts of computer.

18. This is the brain of your computer.

19. This is an expansion card that improves images shown on your monitor.

20. This is also known as the audio card.

21. Label the following hardware devices

22. Label the following hardware devices

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