2nd Periodic Test Computer 5

Welcome to your 2nd Periodic Test Computer 5


1. These are devices that are capable of storing data with a surface material coated with magnetic oxide.

2. Hard disk is made-up of what material?

3. It is a rigid disk inside a computer that is magnetized.

4. The device that is portable, inexpensive storage medium made of thin, flexible, circular Mylar film.

5. It is larger and thicker than a 3.5” floppy disk and can hold 200 times more than the capacity of a floppy disk.

6. The largest size of a floppy disk

7. These are storage devices that a readable with a beam of laser light.

8. It is a Write once Read many (WORM) optical medium.

9. These are the 2 companies that invented Compact disc.

Choose 2 answers.

10. It is the type of CD that is an erasable multisession disc where you can write in files multiple times.

11. It is the smaller version of CD and it is very portable.

12. It is a high capacity optical storage medium that can hold a large amount of data.

13. This is the new optical disc format.

14. It allows mobile users to easily transport digital images, music or documents to and from computers.

15. Type of storage device where you plug it in USB port on a computer or mobile device.

16. Other name of USB flash drive.

17. It is a storage device that store data in a thin micro-processor embedded in a card.

18. Give 3 examples of smart card.

19. It is the maximum amount of data that can be stored on storage devices.

20. It is the most expensive storage device.

21. Choose the correct name of the following storage devices.

22. Label the following storage devices.

23. Label the following storage devices.

24. Label the following storage devices.

25. Label the following storage devices.

26. Give 5 other examples of Storage devices.

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