2nd Quarter CBA 4 Periodic Test

Welcome to your 2nd Quarter CBA 4 Periodic Test

Making fun of other people is an example of true conscience.

When we are in the situation where do not know what to do, God tells us What to do through our conscience.

Conscience does not act anymore after we have done an act.

God talks to us when we pray to him.

God talks to us through the bible.

The surest way to show our love to God is to love our self.

We are talking to God when we do not participate in the mass.

It is the guardian angel of the baby.

It is the God's voice inside us.

It is the kind of conscience that does not follow the moral law.

It the kind of conscience that tells us to do what is good and avoid what is evil.

It us our worth, value, or importance as human persons.

It something that Jesus told to the men if they are sinless.

In the story from St. John, God told this to the men.

It is the conscience that follows what moral law says: do good and avoid evil.

God talks to us in mass through this.

These are the values that God shown to woman to describe his conscience as pure and clean. (2 Answers)

These are the ways God talks to Us. (2 Answers)

These are the essential needs that God given to us and that we should not worry about. (3 Answers)

It is to strive to make our conscience follow God's law so it will become pure like the conscience of Jesus.

It is the voice of God that speaks to us and tells us to what is good.

These are the kind of Conscience God has. (2 Answers)

What God explains about the Bible?

These are the three important things to do to form a conscience. (3 Answers)

Instruction: Write TC if the statement shows TRUE CONSCIENCE and EC if it is ERRONEOUS CONSCIENCE.

1. Carla cheat on her Second Periodic Test.

2. Cal laughs on his classmate John when he fell down the stairs.

3. Migo prays to Jesus before sleep.

4. Jade Helps the old woman crossing the pedestrian lane.

5. Miggy lied to his dad about his score in Math.

6. Danie stoned the dog walking down the street.

7. Mara goes to church and participated in the mass every Sunday.

8. Ella inspires children about teaching them how to draw closer to God.

9. Nina is envious to her friend who has iphone.

10. Katherine reads the bible every day.

Saint Francisca Salesia Aviat

These opened by St. Francisca to working class girls. (2 Answers)

Why Working Class girls were made to hard work? (2 Answers)

Saint Francisca and other sisters dedicated their lives to helping these. (2 Answers)

What did Francisca give to the working class?

What did Francisca teach to the working class?

It is an important thing to form as a responsibility.

It is the country where Francisca exiled.

At that time, what happened to those who believed in Jesus?

It is the father who joined St. Francisca.

St. Francisca founded this sister.

What do you call the revolution where chosen people are made hard works?


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