2nd Quarter CBA 6 Quiz 3

Welcome to your 2nd Quarter CBA 6 Quiz 3

Write your full name.

Paul teaches that without love, our actions of these will not have any meaning. (3 Answers)

These are the three important virtues. (3 Answers)

Jesus created these that showed his love. (2 Answers)

Paul adds that love is patient and kind not these three values. (3 Answers)

It is the love that is not boastful.

This means arrogant or proud.

This apostle was send by God after people have sinned and this showed the love of God.

It is the reason why God sent the savior. (2 Points)

It is lost caused by disobedience and failed to give back the love of God given to humans.

It is the type of relationship that was being destroyed caused by humans not giving back the love God given to them.

This apostle came that brought back the loving relationship of God and humans.

Jesus build founded on love.

Jesus promise to send His ______ who guided the disciples in spreading his message.

It is the most important virtue.

Love ____ all things, ____ all things and ____ all things.


These are the Trinity. (3 Answers)


Humans never disobeyed God because of the love of care of it.

Jesus died for love.

These are reasons why there are no needy in the communities founded by the disciples. (2 Answers)

Saint Vincent Ferrer

Saint Vincent is known for his lectures about these. (2 Answers)

This was Saint Vincent desired to be appointed.

It is the Century when Vincent was famous as a missionary.

These are the countries where Vincent went around. (7 Answers)

Oftentimes in Vincent teaching always accompany this.

It is something that Vincent refuse.

What did Vincent believe in?

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