2nd Quarter Science 1 Periodic Test

Welcome to your 2nd Quarter Science 1 Periodic Test


What do we use to scrub all parts of our body during bathing?

What do we put on our hair to remove dirt and dust?

What do you use for rinsing so that soap bubbles in your body are removed?

What do we use to dry our body after bathing?

What help keep off dust and dirt in the eyes?

What should be done immediately if you experience frequent headache?

When is the right time to brush your teeth?

What type of toothbrush is safe to use?

What is advisable to use if there is no toothpaste?

What do we use to clean our outer ears?

What type of cloth should be used to clean your outer ear?

Whom are you going to see if your ears are blocked by earwax?

What covers the whole body almost entirely?

It is one way to keep your skin clean.

Why do we need to scrub our skin?

What should be applied in our skin if it is dry?

Why should we avoid tying your hair when it is wet?

What should be done if you have lice?

What should be done if dandruff persists?

It is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection.

These are food rich in vitamin A that keep our eyes healthy. (2 Answers)

These are the parts of the upper limbs that should be cleaned during hand washing. (4 Answers)

Always keep your nails clean by washing with soap and water.

Avoid blowing your nose too hard.

Avoid reading small text or prints.

Avoid touching your eyes with dirty hands or a dirty handkerchief.

Bite your fingernails when they are long.

Clean your nose with a clean, wet towel.

Do not drink plenty of water.

Exercise regularly to keep your skin healthy.

Exposing your eyes to sunlight can brighten your eyes.

It is advisable to read in moving vehicles to exercise your brain.

Looking to the computer screen closely can damage your eyes

Massage your hair regularly.

Never scrub your tongue in any tongue scrubber.

Place tiny objects inside your nose.

Read where there is a proper amount of light.

Share your comb with family and friends.

Stay too close to the television when watching television program.

Trim your nails regularly.

Use nail polish as an art.

Wash your eyes with soap then rinse immediately.

Wash your hair if you only wanted.

Wear clean socks every day.

When you see dirt in your nose, use your finger to pick them out.

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