2nd Quarter Sciience 1 Quiz 3

Welcome to your 2nd Quarter Sciience 1 Quiz 3


Wash your hair twice a week.

Massaging your scalp will damage your hair.

Tie hair immediately after taking a bath.

Wet hair can become smelly once tied.

Lice like clean hair.

Wash hands only after eating.

It is not required to wash hands after using toilet.

Handwashing should be done immediately after touching infected area in our body.

Give your feet a good scrub at least twice a week.

After cleaning feet, dry area between toes.

Socks can be worn twice a day.

Wear clean and comfortable footwear.

Trim your nail regularly.

Biting your nails also help shorten your nails.

Avoid using nail polish.

These should be done if you have dandruff. (2 Answers)

It is used to brush the hair.

What do you use to remove lice in your hair?

It is the single most important means of preventing the spread of inspection.

Handwashing is applied after touching these body parts. (4 Answers)

These are advisable to use after handwashing to wet your hands. (2 Answers)

Handwashing is applied after touching dirty things like these. (3 Answers)

These are the things to be used for washing to keep your feet clean daily. (2 Answers)

These are the materials used to scrub the feet. (3 Answers)

It is the first thing to do in Hand washing.

What soap is advisable to use in hand washing?

What part of your upper limbs should be included in Handwashing? (5 Answers)

What is the required time in washing hands?

What should be done after washing hands with soap?

What should be done after rinsing hands?

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