Welcome to your 3RD QUARTER CBA 4 UNIT TEST


I. Write LOVE inside the BOX if the following statement shows love to God and Neighbor. Write BAD if not. Write your answers in CAPITAL LETTERS.

1. Donating your old toys and clothes to the charity.

2. Getting jealous to your Honor classmates.

3. Giving support to your friend in a singing competition.

4. Bullying your schoolmate who has dawn syndrome.

5. Praying the Bible everyday.

6. Obeying your mother's commands.

7. Helping the old woman crossing the pedestrian lane.

8. Sharing your "baon" to your classmate.

9. Cheating on your Unit Test.

10. Refusing to attend mass in your community.

II. Answer the following.

1. These are the three (3) ways on how God showed His love for those who had special needs. (3 Answers)

2. These are evident on how God showed His love first to us before us loving Him. (2 Answers)

3. These are the two virtues we can see from God in the Old testament. (2 Answers)

4. These are the situation of people whom God showed His special love. (3 Answers)

5. This means authentic.

6. It is when our love for God and neighbor be visible.

7. It is the faithful and beloved follower of Jesus.

8. It is the place where God promised to bring His people and save them from being slaves.

9. These are the number of Commandments given by God.

10. It is the greatest proof of God's love for all His children.

11. These are things that God Given to His people before they reached the land He promised to His people. (2 Answers)

12. These are the individuals sent by God in order to save His people.

13. God offered this to us in order to save the Humankind from sin when our parents sinned.

14. It the act of making amends or repairing the damage of our wrong actions.

15. It is a list of do's and don'ts that tell us how we can show our love for God and others.

16. These are the two Parables of Jesus. (2 Answers)

III. Answer the following about St. Giles.

1. It is something that St. Giles wanted to be.

2. It is the saint who help St. Giles whenever He ran out of food.

3. It is the Pope who canonized St. Giles.

4. It is the date of Giles' canonization.

5. These were the two Jobs St. Giles entered reasons for not able to study. (2 Answers)

6. St. Giles work gave him the chance to be close to these. (2 Anwers)

IV. Answer the following.

1. Write the two Commandments of Jesus (3POINTS)

2. Give 5 examples of How you follow the Commands of Jesus. (2 POINTS EACH)

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