Arts 4 – Quiz 1 Elements of Art: Shapes

Welcome to your Arts 4 - Quiz 1 Elements of Art: Shapes

I. On the blank, type TRUE if the statement is correct.
II. If the statement is false, type the correct word/s that can replace the word/s inside the parenthesis.
1. (Shape) is an element of art that is formed when a line is enclosed.

2. (Geometric shapes) are irregular and uneven shapes that do not follow any geometric pattern.

3. (Manobos) are the tribe that are scattered in the island of Mindanao.

4. Vintas are sailing during La Hermosa festival every (November).

5. (Agriculture) is the common lifestyle of Manobo tribe in Mindanao.

6. Yakans are the settlers from (Basilan Island) in Mindanao with naturally high-bridged noses and are tall in statue.

7. (Kaingan) is the method of Manobo farmers where they use the slash and burn method.

8. (Organic shapes) are precise shapes that are used in Math.

9. Vinta a traditional boat in the (southernmost) part of the Philippines with colorful sail.

10. Badjaos are known to be nomads of the (land).

11. (Panutub) is a handwoven cloth with colorful design and intricate pattern that worn by women either on the head or around the waist.
III. Type your answer inside the box/es.
1. What are the two seas located in Mindanao where you can find the Badjao?
2. What are the two other names of vinta?
3. What are the two basic materials used by the Yakans for their weaving?
4. What are the four materials used for dyeing the handwoven clothes of the Yakans?
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5. What is the other name of Badjao?
6. What are the three lifestyle of Badjao that revolves around the waters?
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7. What are the three things that the Badjao do when they come to shore?
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III. Identify if the following shapes are Geometric or Organic.















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