It is the importance of our names as a member of community.

It is something that we can do to our names when we are old enough to have our own family.

It is the importance of names aside from being members of a community.

"But now, thus says the Lord, who created you, Jacob, and formed you, Israel: Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name: you are mine".

It is the question the priest asks the parents during Baptism?

It is the meaning of our name according to St. Benedict.

It is the way God made known His name.

It is Jesus' name speaks to His identity.

It is the Second Commandment emphasizes.

The Second Commandment tells us to be truthful in taking this.

This prayer should be done with respect and reverence because through this we call on the name of God to help us, bless us and protect us.

It is to show reverence to honor and respect.

These are two portrayal examples of Kingdom by God calling us by our name. (2 Answers)

It is the meaning of God's name. (3 Answers)

These are the way to to say the name of God. (2 Answers)

The name of these should be respected according to Second Commandments. (2 Answers)

The Second Commandments tells us to be faithful to these. (2 Answers)

When we show respect to God's name we show these to him. (3 Answers)

Treating the name of God means not using it for these. (2 Answers)

In treating God's name with respect, means we are not careless saying His name when we experience these. (3 Answers)

Our names should speak our Identity.

To use God's name in vain means to use it in a respectful way.

It is name means "God saves"

Give 5 examples of activity where we importantly use our names. (Give at least 5)

What does Second Commandment tell us? (2 POINTS)

How important the Second Commandment to you as a student? (3 POINTS)

We respect God's name when we ask Him to punish a classmate who makes fun of us.

We show respect for God's name when we praise and thank Him.

We show respect for God's name when we do not turn it into an expression.

We show respect for God's name when we make fun of the Virgin Mary and the Saints.

We respect God's name when we are true to the promises we make.

It is the pope who canonized Manuel.

It is what Manuel known for.

It is the sacraments where we are given by the Holy Spirit the power to obey the Commandments of God.

It is the number of children Manuel had.

It is Manuel organizations all about.

It is Manuel's peaceful rally all about.

It is the date of St. Manuel canonization.

It is something that Manuel continue to show despite being poor and lay person.

It is the accused of the soldier to Manuel after leaving town.

It is what the government did to Manuel and other officers of organizations for their persistence.

It is the type of family where Manuel belonged to.

What did Manuel lead for?

It is the reason why Manuel left the seminary He entered.

What did the soldier do to Manuel after not accepting the offer to Him?

It is the reason why Manuel entered a seminary.

It is the offer for Manuel by the soldiers.

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