Welcome to your FOURTH QUARTER CBA 4 QUIZ 1


What are the power that we can do just like God did. (3 Answers)

What are the books where the First Commandment of God are being told. (2 Answers)

These are the wonderful acts of God for His people. (3 Answers)

What are the things that God told to His people? (3 Answers)

These are the two things that God gave to us in our community that take care of us. (2 Answers)

There are people who worship these and they forgot about God. (2 Answers)

Other people believe with these as their ways of giving assurance for the future. (3 Answers)

What is the Commandment where you find the first love of God to his people?

What is the First Commandment retell to us?

Other people worship this and consider it as the most important thing their life.

What did God give to us who take care of us?

What did God give to us that we use for us to become healthy and happy and for us to give joy to others?

What is the proof of God's love to us that was shown on the cross?

Who is God son whom He sent for the love for us?

It is God who saved us from sin through his son Jesus Christ and Continues to save us through the ____.

What is the first thing to do to show obedience to God?

What is a specific action to put God first?

What is the second thing to do to be obedience to God?

What is the third thing to do to show obedience to God?

Why we should not worry about our future and and the food to eat and wear?

Other people believed that these come from their own effort without any help from God. (4 Answers)


God shows his love by creating us in His own image.

Our life and everything came from our own effort.

It is God who created us an who continues to give us what we need in order for us to have a happy and meaningful life.

God deserves our adoration because there is no other God but Him.

Expressing your gratitude to God is just your choice.

It is written in the First Commandment. (3 POINTS)

What does Jesus tell us about loving God?

St. Joan of the Cross

These were the characteristics of St. Jeanne before. (3 Answers)

It is the reason of St. Jeanne having a comfortable life.

What did St. Jeanne do when her parents died?

These were the characteristics of St. Jeanne reasons for having a successful business. (2 Answers)

It is something that you see near St. Jeanne place where most people go.

It is the main reason of St. Jeanne in providing the people a place to stay and her store open every Sundays.

It is something that God used in order to make Jeanne change her ways.

It is the pilgrim that God used.

How would you describe the pilgrim whom God used? (2 Points)

It is something that Jeanne see about hearing the word and holy life of the pilgrim.

What did Jeanna do to His shop?

Whom did Jeanne spent her life for? (3 Answers)

It is the house that Jeanne opened for the orphans.

These are the group of sisters Jeanne begun calling themselves with the women she attracted to.

How did St. Jeanne showed that she loved God above all? (2 Points)

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