Welcome to your FOURTH QUARTER CBA 6 QUIZ 2


What does the first letter of St. Paul to Corinthians explain? (2 Answers)

This happen to us when one part of digestive system will not work. (2 Answers)

These are being pointed out in the image of the Church as Body of Christ to its members. (2 Answers)

We were different from each other in terms of these but we work as one because each of us have roles to play. (3 Answers)

It is the sacrament where people become members of the Body of Christ

This happens if branches are not connected to the vines.

It is being emphasized when God placed different parts in the whole body.

Where is our unity come from?

It is the reason why we are all united in the Church.

It is relationship being described or existed in the image of the Church.

It is being emphasizes in the test from the first letter of St. Paul to Corinthians.

In the Body of Christ all members are equal since all contribute to the growth of the Church by doing this.

It is what the image of Christ speak about.

Jesus is the _______.

It is given to members of the church equally.

Diversity means __.

It is the Head of the church.

It is considered the Body of Christ according to St. Paul.

Jesus teaches He is the ____ and we are the ____.


One of the biblical images used to describe the nature of the Church. This image captures the unity and diversity of the Church and the importance of each member in its growth.

Give 5 examples of members of the church that play important roles. (5 Answers)

What did Jesus tell to his Disciple when He left them (John 12:32) ?

Saint Louis de Montfort

It is the reason why Louis went to Rome.

These were the two congregations of Louis. (2 Answers)


It is the pope who canonized St. Louis.

It is the school where Louis Louis went to.

It is the age of Louis when He was ordained a a priest.

It is the City where Louis had been to when He was 19.

These are the three things that Louis continue to do even in the face of humiliation and persecution. (3 Answers)


What are the functions of Louis' first congregation? (2 Answers)

It is what the second congregation composed of.

It is the year of of Louis canonization.

These are the things that Louis did when He joined a society of young men.

It is Louis continued to do after becoming a priest.

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