Grade 6 Social Studies HW 2 The Katipunan


1. What is your complete name?

2. What happened to the propaganda movement?

3. What was the new organization composed of?

4. What was it created for?

5. What will it use to achieve its aims?

6. Who were the five men who gathered in a residential house?

7. When and where was the meeting held?

8. What was the name of the secret organization and its shortcut?

9. What is its first objective which is political?

10. What are its moral objectives?

11. For its civic objectives, what are the Filipinos encouraged to do?

12. As a sign of membership in the Katipunan, what did a new recruit undergo and what was it about?

13. What are the three levels of the Katipunan?

14. Who were the Katipons and what is their password?

15. Who were the Kawals and what is their password?

16. Who were the Bayanis and what is their password?

17. Why were codes devised in the Katipunan?

18. What was the first Codes of Laws of the Katipunan, and who authored it?

19. What was the second Codes of Laws of the Katipunan with only ten laws, and who authored it?

20. What was the official newspaper of the Katipunan, and how many times was it published?

21. Aside from Metro Manila, where was it able to spread?

22. What were the three councils of the Katipunan?

23. What were under the Popular Council?

24. Whom did Bonifacio believe can contribute to the cause of the Katipunan?

25. Who were the women who were allowed to join?

26. What will the women secure and deliver?

27. How do they help during meetings?

28. How did they draw away suspicion?

29. During battles, what did they do?

30. Who were these women Katipuneros who helped , fought and died in battle during the revolution?

31. Who was the Cavite general among the women?

32. Who was Gregoria de Jesus?

33. Who is Trinidad Tecson and who gave her her title or label?

34. What does Teresa Magbanua do?

35. Who is Agueda Kahabagan?

36. What was she holding in both hands during battles?

37. What were the different titles or names given to Melchora Aquino?

38. What did she use her store and her house for?

39. Who had sewn the Katipunan flag?

40. Who among the Katipuneros had a conflict?

41. What did Teodoro Patino do as revenge?

42. Where was Honoria Patino working , and what did she do?

43. What did Mother Superior do?

44. Who was this Spanish priest?

45. What did the Spanish soldiers do, and what did they discover?

46. What did the Spanish soldiers do after gathering enough evidence?

47. Who expressed reservations and disagreement regarding the planned revolt, and what was the reason?

48. Whom should they consult first, and who was sent there?

49. What did Rizal think about the revolt against the Spaniards?

50. According to Rizal, how did he describe Antonio Luna?

51. When was the Katipunan discovered and what did they do to suspected Filipinos?

52. Where was Rizal headed and why?

53. Who went to Manila Bay to talk to Jose Rizal?

54. What did they do?

55. What did Jose Rizal do?

56. What happened to Rizal?

57. Who were warned about this and were able to escape the arrest by the Spaniards?

58. Where did they meet and what date was it?

59. What did they decide to do?

60. What signaled the start of the Philippine revolution?

61. What did Andres Bonifacio write that was to be distributed to all Katipuneros?

62. What were the important announcements in it?

63. What is the Supremo's complete name, and what title is given to him?

64. Where was he born and what were his jobs before becoming involved in revolutionary activity?

65. What did Jose Rizal believe and want for the Philippines?

66. What did Andres Bonifacio believe and want for the Philippines?

67. What did he organize in 1892, and after what group did he pattern it?

68. What part of the order did he imitate and do in the Katipunan?

69. How many estimated members were there, and who composed them?

70. Where were the said branches of the Katipunan?

71. What did the urban middle class support?

72. What happened to Bonifacio at the start of the revolution?

73. Who carried on the resistance?

74. Because of the losses with the Spaniards, what became clear about Bonifacio?

75. Who became the elected president of the Katipunan and the new Philippine Republic, and where was it held?

76. What did Bonifacio do?

77. As the new president, what did Aguinaldo do?

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