Music 7 – Quiz 1 Music of Palawan

Welcome to your Music 7 - Quiz 1 Music of Palawan

I. On the box, type TRUE if the statement is correct.

II. If the statement is false, type the correct word/s that can replace the word/s inside the parenthesis.

1. The music of Palawan is mainly characterized by (nature-imitating) sounds.

2. (Tipano) is banded flute.

3. (Agung) is a large brass bossed gong.

4. Bactal is chanted in the funeral celebrations of the (Agutaynons) community.

5. (Basal) is a gong ensemble.

6. Kotaw-Kotaw is a (Tagbanua) song used in wakes and vigil.

7. Kulial is a lyrical love poem that is accompanied by a (suling).

8. (Kusyapi) is a two-stringed fretted lute.

9. (Suling) is a small bamboo flute.

10. Most of the tribes in Palawan believe in (spirits) and deities.

11. (Pagang) is a bamboo zither.

12. Sandaw is a well-known song of the (Cuyunons) which is sung to soothe a child with promises.

13. The frets of kusyapi are found in the (body) of the instrument.

14. Tutul is a chant about epic heroes usually done at (day).

III. Type the correct answer inside the box/es.

1. What are the materials used in the musical instruments of Palawan?

2. What are the three communities in the northern part of Palawan?

3. What is the community found in northeastern part of Palawan?

4. What is the community found in the central part of Palawan?

5. What is the community found in the southern part of Palawan?

IV. Name the following instruments of Palawan.







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