Science 2 3rd Grading Unit Test

Welcome to your Science 2 3rd Grading Unit Test

What is your name?

They are three small loops above the cochlea.

It is in charge of collecting, processing and sending sound signals to your brain

They are also filled with liquid and have thousands of microscopic hairs.

This section of the ear catches the wave.

A small, curled tube in the inner ear.

This section of the ear is where the nerve signals starts.

This is the part of the ear that people can see.

It also collects dirt to help keep the ear canal clean.

It contains chemicals that fight off infections that could hurt the skin inside

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These are the three tiniest, most delicate bones in your body.

The smallest bone in the body, which is attached to the incus and means "stirrup" in Latin.

This is attached to the eardrum and means "hammer" in Latin

This is attached to the malleus and means "anvil" in latin

The job of this section is to take those sound waves and turn them into vibrations that are delivered to the inner ear.

Thi is a thin piece of skin stretched tight like a drum and which vibrates and receives sound waves from the outer ear

It causes feeling of dryness and itchy to the ears.

It is a yellowish fluid that flows out of the ear.

It is may happen when water get into the ear.

It is also known as ringing in the ear.

Dryness of the ear can be relived through rubbing olive or mineral oil on the outer part of the ear.

It may cause headache that may due to wax build up

It is may happen when water get into the ear.

It may cause headache that may due to wax build up

Keep the water from entering your ears.

See an engineer when you observe anything unusual about your ear.

Avoid shouting.

Speak loudly and come closer to the person you are talking to.

When playing, avoid rough games that can hurt or damage your ears.

Turn the volume down if the loud sound is coming from your house or room.

Stay away or cover your ears when there are loud sounds around.

Keep sharp and pointed objects near from your ears.

Clean your outer ears with a clean soft cloth. Ask your parents to help you clean your ears regularly.

It can be Corrected with eyeglasses or Confact lenses.

It make eyes become "pink" and itchy with a discharge

This may be due to long hours of reading, using the computer, or playing with cell phones and tablets.

It is filled with pus and can cause pain, swelling, and excessive tears. DO NOT "pop" the sty.

It is difficulty seeing far objects.

Eat green, yellow, and leafy vegetables. Vegetables rich in vitamin A keep your eyes bright and your vision clear.

Visit your eye doctor for a checkup at least once a year and when needed.

Read under enough and dark light.

Do not rub your itchy eyes with your hands.

Look directly to the glaring light.

Wear sunglasses under the sun.

Read inside a moving car

Rest your eyes after reading for a long time. Close them for a few minutes.

Keep sharp and pointed objects away from your eyes.

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