Science 2 – 3rdd Periodical Test

Welcome to your Science 2 - 3rdd Periodical Test

What is your name?

This is the system responsible for the sense of smell.

These are the two openings or holes of the nose where the air passes through.

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This is a sticky substance that catches and kills germs.

This is a moist tissue layer inside nose which warms and moisten the air.

These are tiny strands of hair inside the nose.

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It is where the septum is made from and it is flexible material that's firmer than skin or muscle.

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This is the organ for breathing.

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This word also means as sense of smell.

The inflammation of the mucous and the sinus

This is a result of the broken vessels in the nostrils and it may cause by hot weather.

This is an inflammation of nasal cavity and Mucous membrane and it is caused by allergens from the plants and food items.

Olfaction gives as the ability to understand colors.

Senses of smell help us to determine the texture of an object.

Nasal cavity has the ability to filter the air that comes inside the body.

Nose is the primary organ for breathing.

You can use cotton buds in removing dirt to your nose.

Wear mask when you have cough.

We can know the taste of the food through smelling.

Put small objects on your nose.

Protect your nose from dust and smoke.

Nasal cavity is not connected with the oral cavity.

Do not use pointed material to clean your nose.

Cover your nose when exposed to the polluted area.

Clean your nose with a rough cloth material.

Blow your nose gently.

Chew your food slowly and carefully.

Speak when your mouth is full.

Brush your teeth regularly including the tongue.

Never put small and pointed objects info your nose.

Avoid eating food or drinking fluid that is still too hot or cold.

Which is the smooth tongue?

Which is the tongue with patches?

Which is the tongue with redness and swelling?

Which is the white tongue?

Which is the black tongue?

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