Science 2 4th Grading Unit Test

Welcome to your Science 2 4th Grading Unit Test

What is your name?

This is the outer layer of skin.

These are the tiny openings of the skin.

These are found under the skin pores where hair grows.

The main function of this layer is protection.

They produce oil that makes your skin smooth.

This is the organ protects your body from drying and infection.

This is the organ for sense of feeling or touch.

This comes out of the pores when you exercise or play games.

This would tell you how it feels when you touch an object.

This keeps the body warm.

The oil blocks the pores and makes the pores inflamed.

Add description here!

They send messages to the brain about what you are touching

They appear as red pimples usually found on the face, back, and shoulders.

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This layer lies under the dermis and connects the skin to muscles and bone.

They appear as white spots, ringworm, and athlete’s foot are fungal infections.

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This is a red, pus-filled Lump that is warm and painful.

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This is characterized by dry, itchy, scaly, and red skin.

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This is a long-term inflammation of the skin.

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This layer is thicker than the epidermis.

This is caused by parasites.

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This is a contagious disease marked by red spots.

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larva is a ___ bee.

Tomcat is a ___ cat.

Hen is a ___ chicken.

Puppy is a ___ dog.

Doe is a ___ deer.

Drone is a ___ bee.

Fawn is a ___ deer.

Queen is a ___ cat.

Dam is a ___ dog.

Billy is a ___ goat.

Mare is a ___ horse.

Gander is a ___ goose.

Sire is a ___ dog.

Kitten is a ___ cat.

Piglet is a ___ pig

Queen is a ___ bee.

Hatchling is a ___ chicken.

Jill is a ___ kangaroo

Goose is a ___ goose.

Nanny is a ___ goat.

Stallion is a ___ horse.

Lamb is a ___ sheep

Kid is a ___ goat.

Jack is a ___ kangaroo

Dam is a ___ sheep

Boar is a ___ pig

Pony is a ___ horse.

Gosling is a ___ goose.

Ram is a ___ sheep

Joey is a ___ kangaroo

Sow is a ___ pig

These are the animals that hatched their young from eggs.

These are the animals that give birth to young animal.





















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