Third Grading Quiz 1 Reading The Colorful Parrot

Welcome to your Third Grading Quiz 1 Reading The Colorful Parrot

1. What is your complete name?

2. What is the meaning of enchanting?

3. What is the meaning of distinct?

4. What are descriptions for a Woodpecker?

5. What are descriptions for a Toucan?

6. What is the meaning of Magnificent?

7. What is the meaning of Disappointed?

8. What is the title of the story or selection?

9. Where can you find the enchanting forest?

10. Who was the parrot who lived there?

11. How was she described?

12. What did Aviona do everyday?

13. What do the other birds feel?

14. What colors are seen in Aviona's feathers?

15. What made her distinct from the other birds?

16. Who said "Hello!" to Aviona?

17. What else did Woodpecker say?

18. What would Aviona do?

19. One morning, who followed Aviona?

20. What did Aviona feel?

21. What did Aviona shout at Toucan?

22. What did Toucan tell Aviona?

23. What did Aviona answer and do?

24. What did Toucan believe?

25. What did Toucan feel and do?

26. What did all the birds do?

27. What happened to Aviona and why?

28. Who saw Aviona one night, and where was she?

29. What did Old Owl tell Aviona?

30. What was the problem of Aviona?

31. What did the Old Owl advise Aviona?

32. What did Aviona feel?

33. What did Aviona believe?

34. What did Aviona see and who was it?

35. What did Toucan tell Aviona this time?

36. What did Aviona do and feel?

37. Why was Aviona so happy?

38. What happened to Aviona?

39. What did she give them?

40. What did Aviona feel when she gave away almost all her golden feathers?

41. What did Aviona feel now that she has only one golden feather left?

42. What did the other birds call out to her?

43. What did Aviona say and do?

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