Welcome to your THIRD QUARTER CBA 4 QUIZ 1

He is the father who showed us the best ways of showing love God and for others.

It is when is our love for God and neighbor be visible.

It is something God showed to people in the Old Testament.

It is the greatest proof of God's love for all His children.

It is the faithful and beloved followers of Jesus.

These are the things that God did to show his first love to us. (2 Answers)

These are the two virtues we can see from God in the Old testament. (2 Answers)

These are things that God Given to His people before they reached the land He promised to His people. (2 Answers)

These are how God showed His love for those specials. (3 Answers)

God accompanied His people as they journeyed in the desert.

The surest way to show our love to God is to love ourself.

These are people spent to their neighbor to show what loving God truly is.

These are people spent to their neighbor in order to help poor and have a little comfort. (3 Answers)

Where did God bring His people from slavery?

How many Commandments had God given to His people?

God send these to his people to defend them to enemies.

Jesus showed God's love, especially for these. (3 Answers)

What did Jesus offer to us in order to bring back the wonderful relationship we had with God before our first parents disobeyed Him?

These are the two Parables of Jesus. (2 Answers)

This means authentic.

It the act of making amends or repairing the damage of our wrong actions.

It is a list of do's and dont's that tell us how we can show our love for God and others.

What does St. John tell us? 2 Answers

These are the two commandments of Jesus. (2 Answers)

Add description here!

It is something that St. Giles wanted to be.

It is the saint who help St. Giles whenever He ran out of food.

It is the Pope who canonized St. Giles.

It is the date of Giles' canonization.

These were the two Jobs St. Giles entered reasons for not able to study. (2 Answers)

St. Giles work gave him the chance to be close to these.



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