In taking Jesus crosses, we should give this to our love ones.

It is considered the unique power that God has given us.

It is any individual who listens and obeys Jesus.

These are the things that are spent to those who are less fortunate.

Where do we need to focus?

What do we need to set aside?

This means that Jesus is our standard and we follow and know what is good.

In serving God and others, people give these to show their love. (3 Answers)

How to become a true disciple? (2 Answers)

These are the 7 chief spiritual works of mercy.

These are the 7 Corporal Works of Mercy.

She is an example of a shining person who used power to love in the best way possible.

These are the charitable actions which we come to help our neighbor in his or her spiritual and bodily needs.

Who is our Moral norm?

The power of love is shown in the lives of these. (2 Answers)

Listening to Jesus means obeying His commands without putting it in action.

We are capable of loving God who created us and our neighbor.

Saint Vincent

Who runs the school where Vincent studied?

It is the country where Vincent was born.

It is the religion of Vincent's parents.

It is the action done by the Dominicans in the village where Vincent live.

It is the center where Vincent's parents brought him to study.

It is something that Vincent learned from the center where he studied.

It was the King who opened the Colegio de San Juan and UST in the Philippines.

It is the country of King Philip who opened the schools.

These are the people who sent Vincent to other country to study.

It is the year when Vincent ordained as priest.

What did Vincent begin to do when he went back to Vietnam?

What did the authorities do to Vincent when he went back to Vietnam?

What did the authorities do to Vincent with his assistant when they did not stop preaching?

It is the guilty verdict given to Vincent.

It is the date of Vincent Execution.

It is the Pope who beatified S. Vincent.

It is the pope who announced Vincent canonization.

These were the schools where Vincent studied. (2 Answers)

To whom did the King opened the school for? (2 Answers)

It is the school where Vincent finished his elementary and high school.

It is the degree that Vincent finished.

It is the school where Vincent finished college.

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