Welcome to your THIRD QUARTER CBA 6 QUIZ 2


It is the Vatican known for.

A mustard seed can hold these.

It is being indicated when bread risen.

Who are being called to proclaim Good news about Jesus and everything about Him?

These are the possible things would happen to a kingdom no matter how great or big it is. (2 Answers)

These are the things that Jesus use to explain what the Kingdom of God is. (2 Answers)

Jesus compared the Kingdom of God in these two things. (2 Answers)

It is one of the most popular empire that ruled almost the entire worlds.

It is a tiny city that once part of roman empire.

Jesus proclaim the coming of these as a way to begin His public ministry.

It is the central message of Jesus' ministry that people need to understand.

It is the height of a mustard seed when it grows.

It is used to make bread rise.

This cannot be seen but we know its is present and change the lives of countless men and women.

This should be accompanied by our words in serving.

What do we make people see by serving out of love?

This should be accompanied by our words and actions and it must be offered.

We should bravely tell others about Jesus.

We should commit sin.

These happened to bread mixture when there is no yeast. (3 Answers)

These are the reasons of Church existence. (3 Answers)

These are the three ministries. (3 Answers)

These are the four parables about the Kingdom of god that employed many specific images. (4 Answers)

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