I. Type FLOCK inside the BOX if the following statement shows true follower of Jesus. Type SCATTER if not.

1. Getting jealous when your classmates get Highest Honors.

2. Donating your old clothes and toys to the charity.

3. Refusing to attend mass in your community.

4. Reading the Bible everyday.

5. Giving inspiration and words of wisdom and love to other people.

6. Saying hurtful words to your fellow student.

7. Cheating during Unit Test.

8. Attending and singing worship songs in the churc.

9. Helping the old woman crossing the pedestrian lane.

10. Showing your love to your parents.

II. Answer the following.

1. To whom people flocked ?

2. Who is the good shepherd?

3. In the story we have read, what makes the story more exciting aside from the sheep?

4. A hired shepherd who cares for His sheep because _______.

5. How do you describe sheep as a creature that cannot exist without a shepherd to guide them?

6. It is what the storyteller felt about seeing sheep for the first time.

7. What does a hired shepherd do a moment he sees that his sheep are in danger?

8. Why seeing sheep is an exciting experience?

9. What does Jesus do a moment He sees that his sheep are in danger?

10. It is the instinct of sheep.

11. Who are the flock of Christ?

12. What would happen to the sheep without the guidance of the shepherd?

13. Jesus faced these in order for us to save from sin. (2 Answers)

14. The sheep depend on caretaker.

15. Church owes its existence to people.

16. What is the meaning of this Bible verse: Matthew 18:20? (2 Points)

17. What would happened to the sheep if there is no guidance from the caretaker? (2 Points)

18. Why is Jesus is the Good shepherd? (2 Points)

19. do sheep need shepherd? (2Points)

20. The relationship between the caretaker and the sheep could also be seen in the relationship between ___ and His ___.


III. Answer the following about Saint Hyacinth.

1. It is the type of family where Hyacinth belonged to.

2. It is the description for Hyacinth as a person.

3. It is the Saint whom Hyacinth met in Rome.

4. It is something that Hyacinth received in Rome.

5. It is the characteristics that Hyacinth showed as a missionary.

6. It is something that Hyacinth established when he was sent back to Poland.

7. It is the title given to Hyacinth.

8. It is the place where Hyacinth spent his last few months of his life.

9. It is the occasion when Hyacinth fell sick with a fever that lead to his death.

10. It is the year of the occasion when Hyacinth fell sick with a fever that lead to his death.

11. It is the year of Hyacinth canonization.

12. It is the Pope who canonized St. Hyacinth.

13. These are the countries where Hyacinth extended his preaching. (6 Answers)


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