1. What is your complete name?
2. What is the meaning of enchanting?
3. What is the meaning of distinct?
4. What are descriptions for a Woodpecker?
5. What are descriptions for a Toucan?
6. What is the meaning of Magnificent?
7. What is the meaning of Disappointed?
8. What is the title of the story or selection?
9. Where can you find the enchanting forest?
10. Who was the parrot who lived there?
11. How was she described?
12. What did Aviona do everyday?
13. What do the other birds feel?
14. What colors are seen in Aviona's feathers?
15. What made her distinct from the other birds?
16. Who said "Hello!" to Aviona?
17. What else did Woodpecker say?
18. What would Aviona do?
19. One morning, who followed Aviona?
20. What did Aviona feel?
21. What did Aviona shout at Toucan?
22. What did Toucan tell Aviona?
23. What did Aviona answer and do?
24. What did Toucan believe?
25. What did Toucan feel and do?
26. What did all the birds do?
27. What happened to Aviona and why?
28. Who saw Aviona one night, and where was she?
29. What did Old Owl tell Aviona?
30. What was the problem of Aviona?
31. What did the Old Owl advise Aviona?
32. What did Aviona feel?
33. What did Aviona believe?
34. What did Aviona see and who was it?
35. What did Toucan tell Aviona this time?
36. What did Aviona do and feel?
37. Why was Aviona so happy?
38. What happened to Aviona?
39. What did she give them?
40. What did Aviona feel when she gave away almost all her golden feathers?
41. What did Aviona feel now that she has only one golden feather left?
42. What did the other birds call out to her?
43. What did Aviona say and do?
44. Read the selection and answer the following questions. What is the title of the story?

The Doctor Who Saved London

In the city of London about 150 years ago, many people started to get very sick. The sickness they had was called ‘cholera’. The disease caused panic among Londoners because nobody knew how to prevent it, or how to cure it.

Lots of doctors tried to figure out how to prevent people from getting cholera. Most doctors thought that people got cholera from breathing in polluted air. They told their patients to open their windows and breathe in fresh air as much as possible. However, this advice did not seem to work as more and more people contracted the disease.

Doctors also struggled to help the patients who already had cholera. Some doctors told their patients to drink lots of water, but that did not help. Some told their patients to take certain medicines, but those did not help, either. The doctors did not know what to do.

John Snow was a doctor and scientist who had a different idea. He thought that cholera might have been spreading through the water that people were drinking. Maybe polluted water was making everyone sick.

At first, other doctors and scientists disregarded Doctor Snow’s idea. They believed that cholera was spread through the air and that water was not the problem. Nobody paid much attention to Dr. Snow.

When scientists have an idea that is not proven, it is called a ‘theory’. Scientists then create experiments to test whether their theories are true or not. Dr. Snow developed a plan to test his theory about polluted water causing cholera.

Dr. Snow went to different neighborhoods in London and tested their water. He also counted the number of sick people in each neighborhood. It was just as he had thought!

The neighborhoods with the cleanest water had the fewest sick people. The places with the dirtiest water had the greatest number of sick people. This proved his theory that cholera was spread through dirty water.

Dr. Snow showed the results of his study to the mayor of London and the other doctors. They examined the evidence and realized that Dr. Snow was right.

All over London, people stopped drinking water that might be polluted. Almost immediately, people stopped getting sick, and the whole city was overjoyed. Doctors knew how to stop cholera now. All it took was clean water.

Thanks to Dr. John Snow, we also know how to stop many other sicknesses that can be spread through dirty water. Cities are now designed to make sure everyone has a supply of clean water.

We would not know about the risks of dirty water if it were not for Dr. John Snow’s scientific training, hard work and discovery. Dr. Snow may not be as famous as Batman or Wonder Woman, but he is a hero.

Add description here!
45. In what city is our story all about?
46. What happened to the people 150 years ago?
47. What is the disease called and what did the people of London feel?
48. Why did the people panic?
49. What did most doctors think about how or where people got cholera?
50. What did the doctors tell their patients to do?
51. Did the doctor's advice work?
52. How did the doctors struggle to help the patients who already had cholera?
53. Who is John Snow?
54. What did Dr. John Snow think about cholera?
55. Why did the other doctors and scientists disregarded Doctor Snow’s idea?
56. What is a theory?
57. What do Scientists create?
58. What did Dr. Snow develop?
59. What did Dr. Snow do?
60. What happened to the neighborhoods with the cleanest water?
61. What happened to the neighborhoods with the dirtiest water?
62. What did Dr. Snow's theory prove?
63. To whom did Dr. Snow show the results of his study?
64. What did the mayor and the doctors realize?
65. What did the people of London do?
66. What happened immediately?
67. What did the doctors now know?
68. Why do we need to thank Dr. John Snow?
69. We would not know about the risks of dirty water if it were not for Dr. John Snow’s __ , __ , __?
70. Dr. John Snow is also considered or called a?

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