TLE 7 – 2nd Periodical Test

Welcome to your TLE 7 - 2nd Periodical Test

This is pleasant relation between parts.

This refers to the pleasing sense of organized movement that gives continuity to a design.

This refers to the principle which rules that there should be a center of interest.

This means the design looks complete and whole.

This means to as related movement.

This means unity.

It is a two-dimensional object or area having height and width.

It refers to the brightness or dullness of a color.

This is the name of a color. It may be warm or cool according to the effect it has upon objects

It is a mark used to denote directions or contours.

It is a surface area that has height, width, and the illusion of depth.

This refers to the intensity of light present.

It is a look or feel of the surface quality.

This color harmony a combination of colors that lie next to each other on the color chart.

This is the simplest method of transferring design. Use a light colored carbon paper for light colored cloth. Place the carbon paper face down on the cloth and lay the design on top.

It is a combination of a color and a color on either side of its complement.

It is a combination of colors opposite on the chart.

The design is transferred by laying the design on the fabric and passing over a hot flatiron on the transfer sheet. The design will then be imprinted on the cloth.

These are the combinations of color opposite each other on the color chart.

It is a combination of neighboring colors which lie next to each other on the color chart.

These are the used to create a design.

The first step in any embroidered project is choosing a design.

This is the equal distribution of weight from central point or area.

This refers to the size, shapes, and the spaces between parts of the design should fit the whole design.

The state of EQUILIBRIUM.

This refers to the pleasing relationship of ONE part to the OTHER.

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